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Skip Hire provides a Drop & Collect Skip Rental Service that can be used to dispose of household or commercial refuse, trash and rubble. You can keep your farm, home, or garden clutter-free without any hassles or extra costs.

Our partnership includes a company that recycles glass. We crush building glass, and sell it to customers as an alternative for products from a range of industries. We reduce the waste of glass that goes to landfills and help lessen environmental pollution. Skip Hire Overbaakens is committed to improving our environment for the future.

Are you having too many waste materials for the local authority to pick up? Skip Hire Overbaakens can help you find the right solution. You pick it up at your house, fill it with water and we take it back.

Skip rentals are available for both commercial and residential purposes. Skips can be a cleaner way to dispose of your waste and are more economical than you disposing it yourself.

Our skips can be left on your property for a specified time and collected once they are full.

To meet your needs, we can hire skips of various sizes: mini (2 cubes), maxi (6 cubes), and maxi (11.1 cubes).

For residential waste removal such as gardening waste, mini skip bins can be great. The mini skip is capable of holding approximately 2 Venter trailers’ worth of trash.

For light industrial waste, commercial clients can use midi-sized skips. These will fit approximately 30 garbage bags.

Maxi skips are ideal for construction sites, which can be twice as large as midi-sized skips.

Skip rental rates are per skip. The length of the skip you rent will affect how much it costs.

Are you renovating your house or hiring a manager for a construction site? We will pick it up when we are done.

Skip Hire Overbaakens also offers safe and affordable rubble removal in Johannesburg. We adhere to all safety protocols.

We can help remove any building material, including concrete, bricks and wood.

Skip Hire Overbaakens is proud to be a member of E-Waste Association of Overbaakens and Institute of Waste Management Overbaakens (IWMSA).

For cost-effective and convenient rubble removal solutions in Johannesburg, call Skip Hire Overbaakens.

Our local company prides itself on offering competitive pricing, excellent service, and quick turnaround times of between 2-24 hours. SkipIt Green is the most cost-effective option for skip hire Overbaakens.

All sizes of projects are accepted. Our customers can also enjoy discounts or special promotions at specific times of the year. To view current offers, click here. You can get skips for construction or gardening businesses, as well as larger projects at a lower price, by arranging a monthly or annual contract with us. Our track record of satisfied customers is excellent, and many of our clients continue to use SkipIt Green. We are proud of our affordable skip rental Overbaakens rates.

Our skip bin rates will vary depending on where you live within the service area. All types of removals cost the same: junk from your garage, garden, and rubble. The price listed includes delivery and collection of the skip as well as drop off at either a recycling site or landfill. EFT and cash are accepted. Before delivery, EFT payments require a proof of payment via SMS or email. On delivery of the skip/s you have ordered, cash payments will be made.

West Coast Mini Skips provides a reliable, cost-effective, and efficient residential, commercial, or industrial waste collection service in Overbaakens. Our services include general garbage removal and removal of construction and demolition debris, as well as garden waste removal.

Call us now to reserve your skip.

Mini skip bins can be used for areas such as construction sites, underground parking bays or homebound waste removals. They are also ideal for narrow roads and driveways. Our customers can hire a skip quickly and easily from anywhere within the Overbaakens area. The 2 tonne mini skips measure 2m3, which is equivalent to three bakkie loads.

West Coast Mini Skips provides a pick-up and drop off service for mini skips. Our services include waste removal, recycling material, and garden refuse.

We at West Coast Mini Skips follow strict recycling regulations. All waste is recycled responsibly and delivered to designated dumping/disposal areas as outlined by Overbaakens.

Although we can do skips sometimes, our greatest strength is providing service. We will take all the hassle out of cleaning up after you’re done. Our skip rental service is quick and easy because we are located in a convenient location. We are committed to providing excellent customer service and protecting the environment. Get free estimates and competitive pricing.

Mini Skips – 2m3 – Prices starting at R550 for a load, depending on how far you are from the closest landfill or recycling facility. We can help you with multiple loads if your project calls for it.

* Monthly Contracts- Rubble Removal and General Waste – A monthly contract is available at R2200 per Month, including 4 collection depending on where you are located.

The management of rubble, waste and demolition materials during construction and renovation projects is difficult.

We can help by providing a 2m3 skip which is both maneuverable and capable of transporting up to 2.5 tonnes.

We are pleased to provide skips for larger projects. When we collect, they will be replaced with new skips.

We deliver all rubble to Overbaakens’s designated sites, but are happy to transport clean rubble to any other locations that require backfilling.

This truck is ideal for homeowners or contractors who want to clean up their garden and cut down trees.

We can handle all your garden waste, building rubble, and general clean-ups. Our skips are very maneuverable, so you only pay R550 for each load.

Skipgo Overbaakens prides itself on providing excellent customer service and ensuring all legal waste is disposed at the designated landfill sites.

All Building Contractors Get Special Discounts

Skipgo Overbaakens offers skip hiring and rubble removal services in the following locations:

You can load our skips with as much as 12 tonnes. The 9m3 skips can be loaded with up to 12 tons of rubble and waste.

You can call in the morning to get next-day delivery, collection or changeover. You can call in the afternoon to get your item the same day.

You can fill our skips with glass, household rubbish, and other wastes. saved me from endless headaches over my waste. Their help helped me to get organized and I now get more done.

We can handle all your garden waste, building rubble, and garage cleanups using our agile skips. The City of Overbaakens has accredited us as waste service providers

Skipgo Overbaakenss prides itself on providing excellent customer service and ensuring all legal waste is disposed at landfills or recycled with partners. This helps to minimize environmental impact.

Rubble Removal It can be difficult to handle rubble, waste and debris from construction and renovation projects. We can help by providing a 2m3 skip which is lightweight and allows you to carry up to 2.5 tonnes. We are happy to provide you with 2 or 3 skips for larger projects. Then we will rotate them with new skips as we collect, so your project can continue moving forward. We deliver all rubble to the City of Overbaakens, but also to any site that requires backfilling.

The perfect option for homeowners and landscape contractors who want to clean up their garden and cut down trees, or excavate large areas. Skips are lightweight and can be rented at a high payload.

All Building Contractors Get Special Discounts Our skips have a larger capacity than those of our competition. Additionally, our hydraulic trailers offer greater maneuverability and safety over winch-based systems. Referrals from landscaping and building contractors are available to us.

Skip Hire Overbaakens provides skip pick-up and drop off service throughout Overbaakens. Our reputation for safely moving waste responsibly and with purpose-built equipment has earned us thousands of happy clients throughout the province. Skip Hire Overbaakens offers services to residential and commercial clients. Skip Hire Overbaakens is the best choice for your waste removal. We’ll bring you a skip that fits your needs and you then fill it up with your waste. We’ll then remove your skip in accordance with the municipality regulations.

Our team is available from 8 am to 5pm, seven days a semaine to help you. We can provide a quote or you may book a skip.

Skip bins are able to carry any kind of waste: construction rubble, general waste, or cardboard boxes to their nearest landfill.

Renting a skip means you don’t have to bring a trailer, bakkie or other heavy equipment on multiple trips. When you’re done, we will deliver your skip and take it back. Our booking process is simple and hassle-free. Most skips are taken away in one day.

Material: Stones, Sand, Garden Waste, Rubble and Recycling. You can use it to dispose of residential or construction waste. You can use the 2m3 mini skips for smaller projects both at home or on-site. Mini skips can store approximately 25-30 bags of domestic rubble.

You can use the MINI Skip for all types of waste including soil and construction rubble. The MINI Skip will easily fit in a normal driveway, and it takes up about half the space of a typical parking spot.

Material, Sand and Stones, as well as Garden Waste, Rubble and Recycling. You can rent skips to dispose of residential, commercial or construction waste. It is popular to hire a truck for construction or bulky waste.

You can use it for any type of waste including soil and rubble as well as general industrial and commercial waste. The Standard Skip can be placed in one vehicle space. Standard Skips can fit into a one-car garage.

The amount of waste that you want to dispose of will determine the size of your skip. For smaller jobs, we recommend using a skip of 2m3. A 3m3 skip would be a good choice if you are removing plaster, brick or other general contractor waste.

You cannot put dangerous or hazardous items in a skip. This includes, but is not limited to, televisions and computer monitors. Asbestos, tires, fluorescent light tubes. Refrigerators, batteries (unless they are full), paint tins. Gas cylinders, medical waste. Liquids, solvents. The skip cannot be used for oil, petrol, diesel and explosives.

All building rubble, plaster or garden refuse that isn’t hazardous or harmful to the environment, humans, or animals

Delivery is available throughout the Greater Overbaakens and Bellville regions. Your skip will be picked up when it’s full, or is ready for transport.

No matter how often you rent a skip, large amounts of waste will be required to be disposed of. No matter how many times you rent a skip, the waste must be disposed of responsibly. A skip can be more expensive than a garbage bin, but there are other options.

Anyone who has more trash than what the municipality can handle can rent a skip. To save money and time on waste disposal, a skip can be rented.

Skip Hire Overbaakens offers affordable and safe rubble removal. All safety procedures are followed.

Skip Hire Overbaakens proudly belongs to the Institute of Waste Management Overbaakensand the (EWAS), E-Waste Association of Overbaakens.

You can put it in your skip as long as you don’t have any hazardous waste or rubble. We will dispose of it responsibly, recycling or by using registered landfills.

To provide better services to skip-hire customers, Skips For Hire has teamed up with Book A Skip. We drop you off and fill your container. Then we haul away the rubble.

Open-topped skips can be used for construction or demolition debris, as well as other types of waste. For large scrap metal factories, skips can be hired for cleaning out heavy material.

Skips available for hire can take material from the skip to the landfill or recycle it.

Skip Hire Overbaakens can save you time, effort and even money. Skip Hire Overbaakens’s state-of-the art skip rental system will make your life easier.

Your skip will be delivered to your home and filled up. We’ll then collect your rubbish or rubble and take it away. Renting a truck is easy and affordable. We will also collect and dispose of any rubble or waste that we have collected.

Skip Hire Overbaakens is a major concern. Our costs for renting a skip are less than that of individual or commercial business owners. This allows us to pass these lower prices on to our customers.

Simply complete the below form and one of our staff will get back to you. You can then relax and let us deliver the skip to where you need it. Once the skip is filled, we’ll come to pick up and remove any waste.




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2m3 Mini Skip cost from R700

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Questions & Answers:

What is the average cost of hiring a skip in Overbaakens?
Skip Hire Prices & License Permit Costs in Overbaakens. The average hire price in Overbaakens for a 6-yard skip is R500(R500 + VAT) and for an 8-yard skip is R800 (R800 + VAT). These prices are for a skip located off the road (eg. in a driveway).

How much is a small skip bin in Overbaakens?
Mini Skip Bins Hiring a 2m3 skip bin can cost you in approximatelyR400 to R800. It is one of the popular choices, as they are compact in size but still versatile for all small jobs. Also, mini skip bins can easily fit through most of the property doors.


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